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Els Magherman, artist name: Alowies
Visual artist, Designer, Illusrator (Ghent, Belgium)

Studied Free Graphics at St-Lucas Hogeschool in Ghent.
She started as a freelance artist and worked as graphic designer, in theatre for WurreWurre company. She designed posters for music performances and theatre.Under the artist name Alowies, she designed the poster for Patek (WurreWurre), and more.

After having children she did not go for a full career but however has kept on drawing and developing her own specific style which can be indicated as surreal expressionism. Meanwhile, sporadically she has done consulting
in home decoration, styling, private corporations, etc.

In 2009 she studied a postgraduate graphic art diploma, specialization: the Human Body. Recently she decided
to start up her artistic career again, whereby live mural drawing of nudes is the central theme.

Credits :
Xa4 Verhelst (website)
A3 Suykerbuyk (professional photographs)
Alowies (photographs)

Copyright Alowies 2014

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